Foreword from Mark Kent, British Ambassador to Argentina


Mark Kent SLL_9426Welcome to this Doing Business in Argentina Guide.

As the Argentine Government further consolidates its economic reform programme and re-engages with the international community, it is time for UK companies to reclaim their position as one of Argentina’s pre-eminent business partners.

The UK has world-leading technologies, goods and services to help deliver and enhance Argentina’s new capital investment programme and drive for improved efficiency and competitiveness. This Guide will help you to navigate the Argentine market and to establish new customers and business partnerships.

The emerging opportunities for UK companies are significant. Argentina is the world’s 21st largest economy. It has the second largest manufacturing base in South America, a highly skilled workforce and vast natural resources. President Macri’s reform agenda has returned the economy to growth and lifted barriers to international trade and investment.

Through renewed access to the international financial markets after an absence of over a decade, major new capital investment is taking place in transport infrastructure, utilities, public services, agribusiness, mining, energy and the upgrading of industrial and manufacturing capability. There is an increasing demand for innovative goods and services, including financial and professional services, consumer and retail products.

Argentine companies and public procurement bodies are seeking new solutions and business partners. The UK is well placed to deliver. We have a long history of successful partnership dating back to the 19th century – from railway networks to leading educational institutions – and over 100 UK companies currently have operations in Argentina.

Significant support is available. UK Export Finance (UKEF) announced in 2017 a £1 billion export credit facility to assist UK business with Argentina. Our bilateral Chambers of Commerce are supporting two-way trade missions and can help with introductions and market advice. There are even new direct air links between London and Buenos Aires, with Norwegian Air UK joining British Airways this year. The Department for International Trade team here at the British Embassy in Buenos Aires, and our partner organisations, stand ready to assist you with your entry to the Argentine market. 

A strong UK-Argentina commercial relationship is very much at the heart of the renewal of our wider bilateral relationship with Argentina, as outlined in the UK-Argentina Joint Communiqué of September 2016. Co-operation is expanding across all areas, including on science and innovation, cultural exchanges, international policy and security and on South Atlantic issues.

Change is taking place and new opportunities are arising. Now is the time for you to explore the Argentine market. We look forward to hearing from you.


Mark Kent
British Ambassador to Argentina


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