Introduction from Dr John Hughes, CBE. Chairman of the British Argentine Chamber of Commerce (BACC)

John Hughes BACC Chairman CROPWhat are the images Argentina conjures up for you?

Beef, Malbec, world class footballers, and if you are Welsh, like me, the thriving Welsh speaking community in Patagonia. Add for flavour, dramatic scenery, including the highest mountain in the Andes, great fishing, hospitable people drawn largely from many parts of Europe. All this in a land that seems to stretch for ever (8th largest country in the world) and the delights of Argentina are manifold.

But what of doing business in Argentina?

Ah, there’s the rub. For many years the media painted a dark picture of the difficulties of doing business there, at times, not without reason. That’s changed. The opportunities for foreign investment and doing business in Argentina have improved considerably, for both large and small companies. Even so, Argentina remains a Federal State, and like the USA, rules and regulations exist at both Federal and Provincial/State level.

So who is there to help you?

Collectively, we are; the British Embassy Buenos Aires; the Argentine Embassy in London; the Cámara de Comercio Argentino-Británica in Buenos Aires; and the British Argentine Chamber of Commerce (BACC) in London.

As the Chairman of the BACC (and a former British Ambassador to Argentina), together with my Board colleagues and our thriving membership, we are dedicated to:

  • promoting bilateral commercial relations

  • increasing British investment in Argentina and Argentine investment in the UK

  • increasing awareness in the UK of Argentina as a market.   

And what a market?

Composed of not just the 44 million Argentines who make their country the second largest economy in South America. But also of the 300 million people who inhabit the countries of Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Venezuela (currently suspended) and Argentina, together forming the Mercosur integrated market.

The opportunities are there;

in infrastructure, consumer goods, insurance, financing investment, etc. Such well known big company names as Shell, BP, Unilever, and HSBC are there and have been there for many years, and many small British SMEs continue to do good business there.

Join us;

if you want us to help you participate in this growing band of British companies investing and doing business in Argentina with the opportunities now available. Talk to us and our members. They know the market because they operate there. Join in our conferences, networking days and trade missions. We are here to help you find profitable ways of doing business in Argentina. Contact us or follow us on:


Dr John Hughes, CBE
Chairman, British Argentine Chamber of Commerce (BACC)


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