Welcoming words from the CCAB-British Chamber of Commerce in Argentina

CCAB Photo Julian Rooney Martin FraguioThe United Kingdom and Argentina have been commercially related since the early days of the Argentine Government in Buenos Aires in 1810. At that time British traders organised the “Buenos Aires British Commercial Room” that paved the way for the foundation of the “CCAB-British Chamber of Commerce in Argentina” in 1913.

These two hundred years of commercial history have been extraordinarily rich and have left imprints in all aspects of daily life. From British schools and rugby to transport networks and cattle breeds, all came from the UK and have helped to transform Argentina’s beautiful vast landscape into one of the largest economies of South America.

Argentina is still a young developing country with a series of economic challenges. The last two elections have shown how society has chosen in favour of openness and transparency, away from decades of self-inflicted isolation. The current government has taken this responsibility and introduced a range of economic reforms that are helping to attract investment, modernise infrastructure and improve efficiency and competitive value. International trade and investment opportunities are expanding across all sectors, as this G20 economy returns to growth.

There is a need to renew all infrastructure with special urgency in railroads, airports, energy and other public services. To improve competitiveness in all value chains infrastructure renewal is being designed following the British mechanism of the “Public Private Partnerships”.

The complementarity between the UK and Argentina is very large and both are moving in the direction of increasing international participation and presence.

Besides infrastructure, there are business opportunities in energy, oil, natural gas, mining, agribusiness, consumer goods, retail and other industries and value chains.

For the first time the Institute of Export & International Trade has decided to publish a Doing Business in Argentina Guide and we believe this is an invaluable stepping stone for British business to understand the opportunities that this country has to offer, and how to access the Argentine market for new commercial partnerships. We are very glad that this very important institution has put in one single document all the critical information needed for this new era of internationalisation.

We would like to welcome each one of the readers of this guide to count on the CCAB-British Chamber of Commerce in Argentina as your place to start analysing the opportunities this growing economy is creating and will create in the future. Through our events, networking and market advice we are proud to be part of the expanding UK-Argentina commercial relationship.

Julian Rooney                                             Martin Fraguio
                            President                                               Executive Director                      

CCAB-Cámara de Comercio Argentino Británica
CCAB-British Chamber of Commerce in Argentina


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