Founded in 1914, the CCAB (Cámara de Comercio Argentino-Británica) is a non-profit association that generates business contacts for its members, offering tailored services and permanent networking opportunities, and promotes trade and investment between Argentina and the United Kingdom.

The cultural and economic ties between the countries have always been strong. The Chamber therefore works in conjunction with the British Embassy in Buenos Aires, the Argentine Embassy in London, the British Council, the British-Argentine Chamber of Commerce and the chambers of BRITLAN, as well as many other institutions.


About us

The Chamber is an independent, not for profit organisation, that supports bilateral trade and investment between Argentina and the UK.

Our top priority is to support our members´ interest. Membership is drawn from companies and individuals in Argentina and overseas. The largest UK investors in Argentina are members, but the majority are local firms interested in developing or maintaining good commercial links with the UK.

We work closely with our sister Chamber, the British Argentine Chamber of Commerce, the Argentine Embassy in London and other UK Chambers of Commerce, among other institutions.

We also maintain a close working relationship with the British Embassy, the British Council and other British Institutions in Argentina to benefit members and guide business initiatives towards success.


Why join us?

Events and network

  • Continuous lobbying and networking

  • Contacts with both British and Argentine companies 

  • Joint public-private partnership. Meetings with Argentine and British Government representatives 

  • Organised events covering a variety of topics held by UK and Argentine speakers

  • Our Annual Golf Tournament: the "Chamber Pot"

  • Joint events with Bi-national Chambers of Commerce

  • Networking with other British Chambers in Latin America and the Caribbean

CCAB Community

  • Work committees: Legal & Tax, Energy, HR and Marketing & Communications


  • Monthly e-Newsletters. News from the CCAB & its members with high quality articles, sent to over 1,500 up-to-date contacts from our database

  • Development of "tailored" projects

  • Membership Benefits Program. More than 35 non-conventional partnerships with corporate and employee benefits

  • Exclusive section on our Web 2.0 (share content and comment/questions/access to the virtual library/classified etc.)

Trade Missions

  • Trade missions and individual business trips to the United Kingdom

  • Assistance in identifying opportunities for trade and investment

  • Advice for potential exporters to the United Kingdom through business partners and contacts in both countries

  • Cooperation with the Argentine Embassy, the British Argentine Chamber of Commerce in London and the British Embassy in Buenos Aires for proposals in which the United Kingdom has a competitive advantage

  • Potential business contacts within the region through BRITLAN (Network of British Chambers of Latin America)

Sponsorship opportunities

CCAB is a ‘window’ where members can develop their brands and promote their products and services through different sponsorship proposals. It is an increasingly attractive space for highlighting brand value.

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